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i will keep this short &sweet..i am sick and tired of our country buylilng other smaller countries..even a blind man can see,we only go in and mess with any country with anything of value..we rape and plunder anything & everything they have..we r stealing..and if they DARE to raise a hand..we raise an army.its the sneakiest..we friend them,then steal,then turn against them,point blame somewhere else and get everyone else involved as a child who starts gossip and fights amongst others.it just WRONG and CHEAP.do we help africa???no..not even when we hear of woman and children brutilized in the most UNIMAGINABLE ways.we only stick our fingers into their pockets,their pie!then we leave then HIGH and DRY like a cheap date!we also TRAIN alll these killers and terrorists..mercinaries..since i can remember..even all the way back to vietnam..does anyone else even realize..not sure now..but @one time..vietnam was only considered a skirmish lol..a conflict..look how many died..we have paid with blood for all we have done..and still we r everywhere..in everything.its what OUR country has done best.LIE,CHEAT & STEAL.and now..they have not only robbed these other countries of EVERY last drop of resources they have..but now,they rob us..its citizens too.i LOVE my country..but i HATE the ones in charge..i hate our values as if!..i hate our double standard of living.its disgusting to say the least..and i want to vomit.i am glad to see u put this out there david..all those who hate muslims and ALL other nationalities,religions and cultures should read ur report.it is right on the MONEY!VA:F [1.9.12_1141](from 1 vote)

tomasino:, 13:38

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